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Shine! Die you little bastard! - Signatur

In this tutorial I will show you how I made this signature:

The signature is created in a short time since we do not really need much for it. ;)

We need:

PNG 01
Textur 01 from JasminVivien
Manga Panel 01 from Me
Manga Panel 02 from Me
Bakugo Render from PNG Tree
Maintext Font

Subtext Font

Font Style
from Me
from Me
Translation (my Photoshop is in German....)

Step # 01

We create a new file in the size 500x225px and immediately put our PNG 01 on it.

Step # 02

Now we simply put our texture 01 on it and create a cut mask. (Right click on the layer -> Create clipping mask...)

Step # 03

In the 3rd step we crop the manga panels as we like them and create a clipping mask for both as well and set the layer mode of both manga panels to soft light at 70% opacity.

Step # 04

Now follows our PNG from Bakugo. We put this in the middle of the signature. The PNG may also go over the texture, so I would look for a PNG/image that shows the person completely and is not cut off anywhere :)

We duplicate the PNG of Bakugo once and fill the layer with a color fill. (Right click on the layer -> fill options -> color overlay -> #ef8b47). With this layer we rasterize the layer style now. (Right click on the layer -> rasterize layer style).

Now we can move this layer a little bit to the right, so it looks like a drop shadow:


Here comes the part how to get the dashed border. But of course you are welcome to skip it. :)

First we select the PNG of Bakugo so that a selection appears (hold CTRL/STRG) and click on the layer of Bakugo):

Important: In order to make the selection, you have to click on the small image/box while holding down CTRL - not on the layer name or the complete layer. We want to increase the distance between the selection and the image and click on Selection -> Change selection -> Extend.
A window will open where we can enter the distance - I chose 4px.

If the layer is selected we click on the border with a right click on Create working path where a window opens - there we enter a value of 2,0 for Tolerance. (Make sure that you have selected the selection rectangle).

Now you have created a path from your PNG and we have to switch to the path tool/drawing pen tool. There you have to click on "Shape" at the top. (Here you can of course create a new layer for the border).

The whole thing now looks like this but ... we wanted a border?!

To get the outline, switch to your shape tools - it doesn't matter which one you have selected. It's about the bar at the top where we now remove the color fill and leave only the outline colored:

This is what our signature looks like so far. (Because I had to redo the step myself for srceening, the border now looks different in this step than in the actual signature...)

Step # 05

After a lot of back and forth with the outline we now turn to the text - this consists of the main font Kazuka Gothic Pro and the subfont Baskerville Old The Kazuka font should normally be preinstalled in Photoshop and automatically selected when you copy Japanese text. I made a gray rectangle behind the subtext and rounded the corners. On top of the maintext comes our fontstyle and that's it regarding the text. You can turn it a few degrees to the right or left - as you like it.

Step # 06

Finally, as usual, comes our Coloring and our Topaz.