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Colorful change
New Linkstuff | New Header
Fulfilled with joy ~


As you probably noticed when opening the page, the annoying winter blue is gone and has been replaced by a beautiful summery red-orange, including the header :) This time, Izaya from Durarara!! is featured on it with a little dragon - since it’s 2024, the year of the dragon. In line with this, there is a new Linkstuff set that you are welcome to use. 

 I spent the last few weeks creating some graphics, which I will be uploading gradually. I also had to buy a new PC because the old one was slowly giving up and constantly causing issues with Photoshop, as I couldn't open files anymore. I upgraded from 16GB RAM to 64GB RAM and installed one of the most expensive graphics cards, haha. 

 I wanted to update everything here and write news sooner, but my son had to be hospitalized on Sunday because he caught the RSV virus. Thankfully, he is doing better now. 

 Oh, and I would be happy if more people signed up in the Tradecenter and maybe ordered Cyberstamps or certificates. That would really make me happy. That’s all for now,

Mata-ne, Svenja ♥